Digital Paintings

The Art of Nathan Grace 2.0 is the second edition of limited art collections created by the company. This set was created by Olga Romanova to abstractly express unique qualities found within Nathan Grace agents. There are four custom created art pieces in the original, limited edition series. To show our appreciation to various non profits and organizations within the community, we provide these to their fundraising efforts.


In this painting the artist is combining contrasting elements to achieve compositional unity. Two complementary, yet directly opposite on the color spectrum, colors are intertwined to create dynamic and moving composition. The composition is furthermore enhanced with abstract brush strokes and circles to create illusion of fire and water, two conflicting elements that are also complimentary to one another. The painting manifests diversity through fusion of conflicting elements to achieve visual harmony.


This painting features a slightly different color palette than the other paintings in the set. Even though it continues the use of green and orange highlights, the main emphasis is on the vibrant cerulean blue color. The color symbolizes loyalty, wisdom, confidence, and intelligence, and in combination with amorphic white shapes, the painting creates an illusion of the human brain and its neurons. Furthermore, the painting emphasizes the depth of human consciousness similar to the depth of a blue ocean, as it reminds us of how vast learning can be.


This painting purposefully doesn’t showcase as many elements as the other paintings in the set. With a heavy use of cadmium green color, a combination of yellow and blue, the painting encompasses the mental clarity and optimism of yellow with the emotional calm and insight of blue. Together, the color palette inspires hope and a generosity of spirit. Surrounded by more dynamic pieces in the set, the serene nature brings balance and comfort to the viewer to motivate the the act of serving others.


This painting highlights one of the key notes of Nathan Grace – the color orange. The color represents enthusiasm, creativity and celebration of life. Similar to a vibration of a heavy laugh, the orange imprints create visual vibration that stimulates optical excitement. The mixture of soft purple and blue tones adds a light atmosphere of airiness to the painting. The colorful nature of the piece represents the joy and celebration of life.

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