visual artist and creative director
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Dostoyevsky once said “Who forsakes his country, forsakes his God”.

A theme of language and culture, and how it relates to representation, is particularly interesting to me. I am a Russian speaker from Latvia, a country which has little in common with Russia regardless of its long lasting occupancy by Russian authorities. Therein lies my dilemma : am I Russian because I speak the language, or am I Latvian because I was born in Latvia? I incline towards the former, because language forms the culture. However, isolation from the original language society has tremendous effects on my worldview and my identity. This effect of alienation from both Latvian and Russian cultures due to the socio-political circumstances, and my becoming an inherent immigrant, is a theme of my color exploration. I am interested in the language as a form of communication, and as a constructor of the world understanding. With my color prints I am establishing my own language, and trying to find my identity.